For every order with Dual-sim.nl in the period from 1 January 2018 to 1 July 2018, your customer account automatically receives bonus points.

At the end of the campaign you can redeem your bonus points for valuable prizes.




Participation / Eligible participants

These eligibility conditions apply to the bonus campaign. Dual-Sim.nl reserves the right to exclude participants from the Bonus campaign in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Only customers of Dual-Sim.nl are eligible to participate. There are no costs associated with participating in the bonus campaign.


Period of the campaign

The bonus campaign will take place from 1 January 2018 to 1 July 2018. Bonus points can only be earned during this period.


Bonus points / bonuses

The participant receives bonuses in kind, depending on the number of earned bonus points. Details about the bonuses can be found on www.dual-sim.nl and in advertising material in connection with the bonus campaign. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, each bonus in kind is a product with a basic configuration.

Bonus points earned in connection with customer orders are continuously credited to the customer's specific points account. The relevant bonus points are determined according to the standard described below. In this respect, the participant can earn bonus points for the number of sales in a given month, for the amount of the cumulative daily sales and for orders for specially designated campaign products. The following applies in particular:

A) Bonus points for the number of sales in a given month

The participant earns bonus points in accordance with the number of sales in a given month. The relevant figure is the number of sales that have been successfully made at dual-sim.nl in a given calendar month, where only one transaction counts every day (if several sales are made on a certain day, these are considered as one sale in the sense of these bonus rules). The invoice date determines the determination of the bonus points. Only daily sales with a total volume of more than € 100 are taken into account.

Bonus points are determined according to the following standard

B) Bonus points in accordance with the amount of daily sales

The participant can earn extra bonus points with regard to the value of the sales on a certain day, whereby different transactions on a certain day that are relevant to the sale are added together. Negative sales (eg credits for returns) during the campaign period result in a deduction of bonus points in the number corresponding to the awarded points for the value of the sale. The invoice date determines the determination of the bonus points.

C) Product specific bonus points for selected campaign points related to sales campaigns

During the campaign period, Dual-Sim.nl can also grant the participant product specific bonus points for successful ordering of certain products. These bonus points and the products that are relevant to them are specified and announced prior to each sales campaign. The number of product-specific bonus points depends on the number of campaign points that were ordered during the period of the sales campaign. The number of possible bonus points during each sales campaign is limited to 10 per campaign item.


Collect bonuses / bonuses

After the bonus campaign ends, those who are eligible for bonuses will receive a written or digital announcement. Depending on the number of points earned, the participant has the right to choose bonuses in kind from the selection of bonus products which can be found on www.dual-sim.nl and dual-sim.nl must make this choice known in writing. If the participant who is eligible for a bonus is not informed within four weeks of the notification being sent, the claim to a bonus will lapse. Bonuses in kind can be made at the discretion of dual-sim.nl with other bonuses in kind or cash bonuses if the signing of the bonus in kind is impossible or accompanied by unreasonable efforts to purchase or provision. Bonuses in kind may differ from the bonuses shown in the images offered by dual-sim.nl, in particular with regard to the model, the color or the configuration. The deviating product must be equivalent to the product shown on the image provided by dual-sim.nl. The participant may collect the bonuses from dual-sim.nl at his office. At the request of the participant, dual-sim.nl will send the bonuses, but in that case the participant must bear the shipping costs and all other costs incurred, including customs duties and levies. Shipping will not take place until the payment of these costs is insured by the participant. If a bonus is sent in kind, dual-sim.nl accepts no liability for the deterioration or loss of the item. The participant carries the risk of deterioration and accidental loss. The participant has no claim to insured shipping.


Exclusion of liability

The participant has no claim to cash payment, exchange of bonuses or allocation of bonuses or bonus points to third parties. The liability of dual-sim.nl and its agents is limited to deliberate misconduct and gross negligence.


Exclusion from participation

Dual-sim.nl reserves the right to exclude participants from participating in the bonus campaign if they violate these Terms and Conditions and / or try to influence the course of the bonus campaign unauthorized. If this has to be determined after the bonus has been determined or after it has been handed over or sent, dual-sim.nl will invalidate the bonus retroactively and demand the return.