Apple IPhone dual-sim phones
Wednesday september 12th, Apple introduced her new Iphones to the world.

All of these new models are ready to support 2 lines in 1 phone. However, Apple choose a different approach compared to for instance Samsung. All EU models of the new Iphone, come with 1 eSIM position and 1 position for an "old fashioned" physical simcard. Since operators in the EU not yet support eSIM, these new EU models can only be used for 1 line.

On the other side of the world however, Apple is introducing 1 model which has room for 2 physical simcards.
This model is the Iphone XS Max, which also happends to be the biggest and most priciest model of them all.

As soon as this model is available, we will start testing it to be fully functional for use within Europe.
If all is successful, we expect to start selling this model early october 2018.